Waterproof Dog Bed Replacement Covers for Your Dog's Favorite Dog Bed...

So, if your dog already has his perfect bed, the one he loves, the one he drags from room to room with him, or outside, we have dog bed replacement covers for that favorite old dog bed. Our easy to clean and sanitize dog bed covers will easily make your old loved dog bed, like new! Honey - Dog Cheap Sleep's SpokesdogWe have a variety of standard sizes, or you can order some leather soft, durable, marine grade vinyl, waterproof custom dog bed covers to fit an existing bed. Please contact us with your dimensions (length, width, and depth) for the bed, including the thickness of the bed, and we’ll be happy to provide pricing for the covers.

**Note, please be accurate with your measurements for a dog bed cover. Standard dimensions are shown below, custom sizes are welcome too, the variable will be the depth of your dog bed. The dog beds we make have 4" solid foam, if you don't give us a depth, your cover will come to you made for a 4" thick bed.

Order a standard size Dog Bed Replacement Cover:

Foam Size
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Sizes/ Price: 
20 X 30 x 4 $60.00

25 X 35 x 4 $75.00

34 X 40 x 4 $110.00

44 X 44 x 4 $130.00

36 X 48 x 4 $150.00

Dog bed instructions are shipped with each dog bed.

Available Colors: Tan, Black, Blue, Green, Orchid, Red

Dog Cheap Sleeps Dog Bed and Replacement Cover Colors