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So, if your dog already has his perfect bed, the one he loves, the one he drags from room to room with him, or outside, we have dog bed covers replacement for them. Our easy to clean and sanitize dog bed covers will easily make your old loved dog bed, like new! We have a variety of standard sizes, or you can order some leather soft, durable, marine grade vinyl, waterproof custom dog bed covers to fit an existing bed. Please contact us with your dimensions for the bed, including the thickness of the bed, and we’ll be happy to provide pricing for the covers.

**Note, please be accurate with your measurements for a dog bed cover. Standard dimensions are shown below, custom sizes are welcome too, the variable will be the depth of your dog bed. The dog beds we make have 4" solid foam, if you don't give us a depth, your cover will come to you made for a 4" thick bed.

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dog bed colors choicesSizes/ Price:
20 X 30 x 4 $60.00

25 X 35 x 4 $75.00

34 X 40 x 4 $110.00

44 X 44 x 4 $130.00

36 X 48 x 4 $150.00

Available Colors:
Tan, Black, Blue, Green,
Pink, Red

Please read the
dog bed instructions
before purchase.

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Customer Satisfaction!

"Can’t wait to get rid of these shower curtains I use to cover her dog bed, (never really worked anyway) What a mess its been for us,Selena is 13 yrs now and is incontinent, and has arthritis. This cover will make her feel comfortable now.

My prayers have been answered….

I’ve been looking so long and I only see water resistant beds

We just got the bed for Kerry and it’s perfect – no more soaked bed in the morning!"

Howard, Denver

"Hey, Jeanie, can I have two more medium in tan? Baxter, Lola and Duke are all fighting over the one bed. Everybody wants it for themselves."

Frank, Fresno

"Thanks – poor Sasha’s arthritis was getting worse & worse until I got her the bed. The 4 inches of foam seems to do the trick."

Shirley, Oaklyn, NJ


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Free shipping...
within the United States
and best of all, handmade in America!

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