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Extra Large Dog Beds for Large Dogs and Giant Breed Dogs

Large Dog Bed, Extra Large Dog BedSince we breed and show Great Danes, we are constantly searching for large dog beds – especially if they are chew proof and water resistant for Giant Breed Dogs.

Dogcheapsleeps dog beds come in all sizes, but we seem to sell far more dog beds for large dogs than we sell the small ones. Of course, we did once sell some large dog beds to a lady that owns rabbits. It worked. It seems rabbits can be messy eaters and sleepers too.

Keep in mind, our dog beds are inexpensive, free shipping, and best of all, handmade in America!

Our dog beds take into consideration the larger breed dog's special need for comfort and padding to prevent hygroma also known as bursitis.


Free shipping...
within the United States

and best of all, handmade in America!

Click here for custom orders, we make any size dog bed!

dog bed colors choicesSize/ Price:
44 X 44 x 4   $190.00

Available Colors:
Tan, Black, Blue, Green,
Orchid, Red

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How did you find us?

Waterproof and virtually chew-proof, our beds cannot be beat when it truly waterproof dog beds, made in the USA, easy to cleancomes to quality or pricing. If you are in the market for dog beds for large dogs or Giant Breed dogs, you’ve come to the right place! waterproof dog beds are hose tested and leak proof. For a real waterproof dog bed with our unique Velcro closure and leather soft, durable, marine grade vinyl cover, moisture will not get into the solid 4" foam padding. Just wipe clean with a wet cloth.


Customer Satisfaction!

"Thanks – poor Sasha’s arthritis was getting worse & worse until I got her the bed. The 4 inches of foam seems to do the trick."

Shirley, Oaklyn, NJ

"Just received our dog bed today. So far so good. Fits perfectly in Charlotte’s kennel and she’s already laying on it. Now I’m just hoping it will help by not holding in so much of the dog smell as the regular beds. Charlotte seems to have an odor to her that’s a little worse than just a dog smell. Looking forward to hopefully purchasing another soon for Buddy." ~ Megan

"The cover won't hold any smells, hair or dander. You can wipe it off, or do as we do, take it outside and hose it off. As long as the velcro stays closed, nothing can get through to the solid foam under the cover. It takes more than just a little brute force to get that velcro open. Glad she's laying on it, we all know how dogs hate new things or any kind of change, sounds like she likes the bed." ~ Jeanie

"Hi Jeanie.
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase. I will be ordering another shortly. I can already tell a difference in the smell downstairs." ~Megan


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Free shipping...

within the United States
and best of all, handmade in America!

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