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Odor Free Dog Bed - Stinky Dog Bed, No Problem!

Waterproof Dog BedThe big advantage of a truly odor free dog bed is that it will last longer because dander, dog hair and dog messes which cause the "stinky dog bed syndrome" easily wipe off. The dog bed never has that dog smell you get when a wet dog lays on his bed, as the foam stays dry and moisture never makes it inside the cover to the foam. A waterproof, odor free, dog bed could be the last dog bed you buy. Your troubles of searching through hundreds of pet beds have finally come to an end!

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20 X 30 x 4     $90.00

25 X 35 x 4    $140.00

34 X 40 x 4    $170.00

36 X 48 x 4    $180.00

44 X 44 x 4    $190.00

Available Colors:
Tan, Black, Blue, Green,
Orchid, Red

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How did you find us? waterproof dog beds are hose tested and leak proof. With our unique Velcro closure and leather soft, durable, marine grade vinyl cover, moisture will not get into the 4" foam padding. Just wipe clean with a wet cloth. Waterproof Dog Bed

Dogs make messes, by accident or on purpose. A waterproof dog bed is a great idea! You may have seen web pages that say "waterproof dog beds", then explain that the cover is removable for laundering. If the cover can be removed and laundered, then it is not waterproof. Some pet beds are made with the same material as outdoor umbrellas. We tried that material, and after a few days the waterproofing had been breached and the canvas failed. If you truly want a waterproof dog bed, then you’ve come to the right place! We make them and sell them right here in America. Our covers, while removable and replaceable, never really have to be removed.

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Customer Satisfaction!

"Dear Jeanie:

My 20 X 30 bed just arrived and I tried it out in the size 400 dog boxes- The small 20 X 30 Bed, as I surmised, squeezes down PERFECTLY into the bottom of a 400 size crate for the perfect 400 size crate dog bed. This is important as I’m sure you know –because your competition offers a specific 400 size crate pad. The reason I went with yours and not with his– is that his is only 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" foam, I wanted the thicker softer bed, which you can offer for the 400 crate! My dogs, when they are hunting and working HARD, just sleep better on a softer bed, I "guaran-damn-tee" it, as they say. Another reason I am ordering more is that if a dog sleeps on a "breathable" bed of any kind, WHETHER IT IS MARKETED AS WATER RESISTANT, WATERPROOF, WHATEVER!! on a cold floor: the body moisture from the dog wicks off, thru the breathable bed to the bottom of the dog box or the cold floor. The water vapor condenses there at the cold surface and forms liquid water. If it is any kind of cloth bed, the cloth is soaked and stays soaked to get moldy and stinky. The insulation inside also gets soaked, moldy and stinky. So breathable beds for me are worthless. I have flown dogs all over the place (Alaska, Argentina, Yukon, all over the lower 48) and slept with them in trucks, tents, cabins, farm outbuildings, hotels, you name it, at temps from just above zero on up. They will be the warmest and driest beds possible to provide to my bird dogs."

Brad S., MD Physician and Surgeon The Arizona Territory



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Free shipping...

within the United States
and best of all, handmade in America!

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