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Happy Customers - Dog Cheap Sleeps Waterproof Dog BedsThe big advantage of a truly waterproof dog bed is that dander, dog hair and dog messes easily wipe off. The additional advantage is the bed never has that ‘dog’ smell you get when a wet dog lays on his bed, as the solid foam stays dry and moisture never makes it inside the cover to the solid foam. A waterproof dog bed could be the last dog bed you buy. Your troubles of searching through hundreds of pet beds have finally come to an end!

Because our dog beds are handmade, we can make yours most square or rectangle size - please contact us with your dimensions (length, width and depth). NOTE: We stock 1" and 4" thick foam. Other sizes are available, but must be ordered, since other sizes are not stock, the foam pricing will go up due to the small quantity foam order.

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Sizes/ Price:
20 X 30 x 4     $90.00

25 X 35 x 4    $140.00

34 X 40 x 4    $170.00

36 X 48 x 4    $180.00

44 X 44 x 4    $190.00

Dog bed instructions are shipped with each dog bed.

Available Colors: Tan, Black, Blue, Green, Orchid, Red

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