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Waterproof dog whelping pads can be cleaned and disinfected with water, bleach and a sponge, saving you countless trips to the washer and dryer. Lae Dog Bullies with a Dog Cheap Sleeps Whelping PadWe make the whelping pads about 1/8" larger than the dimensions of the whelping box so the pad fits snugly into the box allowing nothing to leak down to the whelping box floor. There is no reason to remove the pad from the box to clean, remove puppies then simply wipe clean or mop with a water / bleach solution and a string mop designated for the whelping pad.

Easy to clean whelping pads can be custom made to fit existing whelping boxes, or standard-sized for purchased whelping boxes or weaning boxes. please contact us with your dimensions (lengh and width). Comfortable for your dog, our waterproof dog whelping box pads are a necessary component of your whelping supplies for dogs.

Consider the use of waterproof whelping pads for weaning boxes as well!

Dogcheapsleeps.com whelping pads are reusable too. Why pay for whelping box material over and over again?

**Note, whelping pads are made with 1" high density foam.

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Available Whelping Pad Colors: Tan, Black, Blue, Green, Orchid, Red

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